A writing freebie!

Midsummer Night Dream Cocktails – Time for another freebie (just to remind the reader it may be later in life but I am getting older and wiser by the minute)

The workshop is in the coffee shop of a popular book shop (name withheld due to worries about litigation, should the column get too racy).  I am cautious by nature, I know the tutor, she is published, young and  I believe hugs trees in her spare time.

Luckily the warm up is just saying ‘Hi’…No room for the awful ‘throw a ball’ warm up. Thank goodness!

We have imaginative exercises including writing a recipes for a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream Cocktail.’ We are encouraged to use it as a starting point for creative writing.

We are invited to share out work if we choose to. Some people share what must surely be the winners to next year’s Bridport writing comp! I am not too sure about my ‘cocktail’ I feel it lacks ummph, but then the  next workshop is about creating baddies so I’ll be there ‘hope springs eternal!’

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