Gyrating to Shirley Bassey

How to keep fit in old age – Join a Gym and gyrate to ‘Shirley Bassey’ –  I hate gyms, but I love aqua aerobics. I go three times a week and joined as soon as we moved down here. It’s a huge expense and no discounts for grans. I may have to starve to pay for it, but I’m overweight anyway.

Friday’s class is psychotherapy in water to music. We still have a wonderful workout too I hasten to add, but most of us know the moves by heart, so we half heartedly mouth to the music or share this weeks personal crises with the person next to us, while madly keeping up with our energetic tutor, Sharon.

David Lloyd don’t realise Sharon is gold dust, she used to have two classes but they cut one to save expense I guess,  so now she has up to 30 in the pool in her one class! Sharon is a brilliant tutor, knows her every move,  gives everyone her attention and has a great sense of humour.

The crescendo comes when we all gyrate in an unruly fashion to Shirley Bassey’s song ‘She walks in the door’. This adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the proceedings especially as the guys on exercise bikes above look down in disbelief!   Then of course we shower,  cocoa butter, fight for hairdryers and head for coffee in random clumps.

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