Still not sure what a blog is?

Something that no one ever reads?  Well I don’t wake up in the morning and think, I know I’ll read so and so’s blog? Apparently if you are dead clever and say something outrageous you could get an enormous  following and write a book, but think you may have to know people and have had a following in the first place. This may include: be working, have buckets of mates,  be on facebook, or tweet or twitter all day.

A blog could be  a place to market your writing or impress an agent if you ever get near one!

Despite personal doubts I still  spent half the morning trying to work out a theme which is miles too difficult, and I  still haven’t conquered the difference between categories and tags.

In the meantime, I’ll witter on about trying to ‘find my feet in Brighton’  which is a roller coaster in itself.

My advice is don’t move anywhere new after the age of 70! If you don’t play bridge, like reading groups or have the dosh to float around being grand you’re dead!

So if currently all you have is the clatter of the dustbin man on Thursdays, the postman with the junk mail on Saturdays, radio 4, you like daytime TV and have a few nice neighbours to pop in and have a cup of tea…be grateful.  Well maybe!

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