The real reasons for blogging at last!

Making money – Apparently if you get 6 million ‘hits’ (or maybe less) a day, advertisers want to put ads for elastic knickers, weight watchers,  date lines and/or condoms on your blog site. They then pay you if, for every ‘click’, anyone inadvisedly stops reading your words of wisdom to check the ad out.

So it could be regarded as a lottery ticket towards private care in your old age, or celebrity status is you are young and impressionable.

Or if you have a certain interest blog you can review things for that age/interest group…like stair lifts and funeral plans, presumably you keep the goods and can flog them on ebay at a later date?

Or some people  have them to promote their business interests and also hope to get a following.   Please note. Not ‘a following’ as in Christianity and without any spiritual elements  unless of course their business includes therapy, to come to terms with poverty and/or smelly healing candles. The latter were commonly known as night lights!  These blogs are known as networking?

Or if you are a writer and someone is thinking of publishing your work, you have to have a blog because they want to see that you can a)write or b) have a following?

Or you want to bore your family and friends rigid telling them about the price of toilet rolls in Asda or your detailed trip to Oz on the back of donkey at 83!

Or  because  people have moved from their familiar neighbourhood and can’t  pop into each other’s for tea and chat so a nice friendly computer screen is better than nothing.

Or you are a young mum and don’t have aunties or a gran  to tut tut about breast feeding and the recession or listen to all your problems.

Or it can be a way of expressing yourself when you are totally narcissistic and think the world is waiting for your words of wisdom.

Best not to try if your punctuation  is crap and your partner is fed up with reading this rubbish. Oh and to blag means  about the same! Oh and I have had second thoughts about content, scouring Ebay for a donkey!

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