Stand up comedy as a career – for oldies!

This may not be the best new career option for oldies!  You have been warned! Might be better to fill shelves in Asda or try B and Q?

It’s very difficult to get stand up comedy gigs down here at the moment. Brighton is so full of new young talent, mainly male!  One promoter insists on 20 gigs before one  can tread his sawdust floor!

To do one’s first gig means attending a stand up comedy course – like the one run by the wonderful Jill Edwards. Writing stuff, trying it out, reviewing it, ‘one to one’  tutorials, auditioning for Jill’s  new acts night at the Komedia and getting in!!! Dying of stage fright in the loo, contstantly repeating your lines, but then of course the buzz and the applause! What a fantastic experience! Wicked!

The other 20 gigs can be gained by begging for ‘stage time’, gigging at the lovely Prince Arthur (done and dusted) or getting good enough for Charity Chuckle (done and dusted.) The Greys (done and dusted) etc. But after that it means travelling back from Maidstone, Margate or from the Kings Head in London at 2 o’clock in the morning… falling asleep from exhaustion…paying your own fare!

Uumm…is this the way forward in retirement, there’s no money in it either. Can your old age pension run to it when your lucky if you get a free drink!

So told  ‘Mr Big’ all about the 12 gigs I had already done and that I had once juggled in Bognor and still had my Equity card from the old days, but he just gave me a patronising glare.

It’s a cruel world!

Ann’s gig at The Greys in Hanover

There other course in London, did one at City Lit before moving down here, loved it!

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