The tide turns in Brighton.

The Tide Turns in Brighton.   Just seen ‘Turning the Tide’ about the life of William Morris. Absolutely riveting, brilliantly conceived and wonderful performances. The show at The Friends Centre was half full but should have been full to bursting!

The imaginative use of the space available added to atmosphere of the vignettes that brought to life the more personal preoccupations of some of the characters. The main stage, a beautiful reconsruction of a room in his house,  set the scene for a man struggling to promote social reform, within the context of his love of art and keeping within the law. Health problems and a wife who didn’t love him diluted his power and passions too.

All the women in the show gave performances both powerful and often poignant. I loved the visit to Morris from a youthful Beatrix Potter, a touch of genius from the writer and beautifully performed.

I traced the life of William Morris and the Bloomsbury Set several years ago, climbing through the undergrowth at Highgate Cemetery with a guide to find Christina Rossetti’s grave.  This play so enjoyable in itself  prompted me to get googling again for more investigation. Looking forward to this group’s next production.!

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