A Ukulele and the lovely Steve Pilley.

A moth to the flame.  I am a person who can’t read music or play a musical instrument but am now fired with enthusiasm and all because I paid my  fiver to Evolution and turned up with my ukulele. The said instrument, bought in a fit of enthusiasm three years ago, had lain abandoned in the bedroom ever since.

The lovely Steve Pilley set us all on the road to a musical future, making it clear that this was possible whatever our age.   Steve had even brought three of his own instruments for people without a uke and quickly launched into uke’y history with examples of the art up on the big screen. Well smallish screen to be truthful, but let’s not split hairs.

Soon we were learning all about tuning and ready to try out some basic chords. Two and a half hours later, having mastered CCCC GGGG AAAA FFFF we were playing and singing along with the best of them. Our grand finale was a somewhat chaotic rendering of  ‘Let it be’…  Caught like a moth in a flame. I can’t stop now!

At home again,  it’s CCCC change fingers GGGG etc etc pity patience is one of the many virtues I lack.

Well after the strain of the stand-up comedy scene, I can hear another new career beckons –  singer song writer. ancient pop star.  but it’s early days  so perhaps neither as yet!

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