The Weald Allotment – Hove

I can’t believe my luck! After three years on the council allotment list we have a plot, a tiny starter plot on The Weald surrounded by friendly people, who are helpful but non intrusive. Horray!

The powers that be seem happy enough to let everyone tend their plots in their own way.   Over grown plots with weeds are the only things not tolerated. I’m happy with that!

I had more or less given up the idea of getting one. But reminded myself that my mother was 75 before I managed to get her a small plot in South London. She died sadly, but would have loved this one.

A small overgrown field with a large plastic elephant and a huge holey pond.

It was love at first sight!                     

We did however decide to treat ourselves to  Ian with his handy rotivator.

Or was it gnomes and fairies at the bottom of my garden/allotment, that flattened the whole thing ready for planting?

I can see already, that in between destroying weeds, planting and harvesting new ideas for writing will flourish.

I have already met some lovely allotment people, three ‘old hands’, a couple with two lovely children, two writers, another puppeteer and an artist.  Allotment holders are obviously creative people in more ways than one.

Peter Ferris the official site rep. is full of information and looks after the site with the guidance of the committee and the assistance of some enthusiastic helpers. One of them, Mo, makes super lavender ‘bottles’ for charity.

The chairman has a plot near ours and loaned us his wheelbarrow to move bark chippings. on to our site for our paths.

Someone else gave us some courgettes when we were passing and and the lady opposite proffered two of the chinese cabbages from a box she was planting on her own allotment.

Two children along the way came by to say hallo, all this and we had only been on the allotment for two weeks!

This is Peter in the hat!

Now its onwards and upwards with clearing the rubbish and planting the beans!

I filmed a little bit of Kay Sexton author of ‘Minding your peas and Cucumbers’ doing a writing workshop and talking about container growing a few weeks ago,  so that has to be a good omen. (link to follow when I can work out how to do it…oldie remember)

For our allotment blog    but go to weekly updates on header not home page

or see header on for allotment updates.

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1 Response to The Weald Allotment – Hove

  1. andyo1976 says:

    Hi Ann, I used to help an old mate of mine on that same site. Plot No 333 top North then head west, you will come across a plot with a Stainless Steel scarecrow / Warrior that I designed and made, holding a flag pole with the St George Cross, probably in tatters now. Hope its still there, check it out if you have time…
    Andy O.

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