One door closes and ….

A bit of homespun philosophy here – well I did warn you!

‘One door closes and another one opens’  so they say, but I know from experience that ‘closing doors’ especially in terms of relationships, involves loss and guilt and all that kind of thing.

Deciding to abandon a project or job and look for new opportunities can also involve closing one door and opening another.

In terms of relationships, as I get older I sometimes lull myself into a false sense of security, thinking retirement is easy and new relationships are going to be all sweetness and light!

Whoops! Think – ‘soaps’.  Think -‘Who done it’ novels.  Think – boredom   Think – arrogance’? People are people, and sometimes one has to draw the line  – time is precious especially in old age.

If I decide I need to close a door, on a project, interest or indeed a draining relationship or unrealistic expectations, I do my best to tell the person/people concerned, try to set limits, create a timescale to monitor progress. But if this fails the door is going to shut with a bang.

Imagery can  be useful, it can help shake off negativity and even guilt (woman are prone to guilt)

How to shut doors with imagery.

In one’s mind’s eye –  imagine a  heavy polished oak door with wrought iron hinges, found in cellars or castles and see it slowly swing shut.

Keep calm – think inner-energy, think ‘nurture ones own potential’

Then look ahead for new doors, gentle affairs, lighter wood – leading to – a pathway of inspiration. An old door, in wall,  green with age – leading to – a secret garden full of new ideas.  A pretty ornate wrought-iron gate  leading to  – new friendship. Imagine the first steps you will take in this new more positive environment?

Choose your own door, choose your own outcome!

Now if you have read this page and have no idea what I am talking about, that’s fine. But I promised a bit of home spun philosophy – so this was it. Enjoy!

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