Mobiles, emails and ipods in bed!

I think the world of the oldie is divided. One or two friends are not online, others weep over the inconsistencies of their broadband. One can’t manage a bus ride without texting and will take a call in middle of meal.

Admittedly I write on my laptop early in the morning and rush off an email late at night, but new technology can never really replace the warmth of  a phone call, meeting up with a hug.  Neither does an ipod have the capacity of our eyes to  ‘mirror the soul’.

My mobile is more for emergencies and seldom on. Younger friends tell me I’m missing out as they can’t get hold of me.   But as you get older, decisions seem  more crucial, life is shorter. I more aware of people and places, being in the moment, living for the day.

It is true that when I send emails I am forever wishing I hadn’t. They are faceless shapeless and open to endless misunderstandings.

Oh, but to dear dear Roger in Reigate, I am so sorry about the typos in my email late last night,  and your gracious acceptance of same. But no,  I am not that sad. I don’t take my ipod to bed!

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