‘Dig it’ – Joe Talbot – Weald allotment and Morris Men at the Greys

Stop press – a new blog – forloveofmyallotment.wordpress.com – progress since day one.

                   As a new allotment holder on The Weald,  I was invited on to Sussex Radio’s ‘Dig it’  programme on Sunday. I told Joe Talbot that getting an allotment was the best thing that had happened to me since I moved down here three years ago! He seemed a bit incredulous, especially when I  went on to tell half of Sussex all this excitement was generated by what amounted to a small field with a leaky pond!

Yesterday, my birthday, we cleared the rubbish from the site (Alan was a treasure since all the ‘fairy helpers’ were having a day off); glass bottles, old plastic bags, rusty metal, a broken dustbin full of yesterday’s toys. There was a smiley face bowl and mug -but the bowl fell out of the box, in the car coming home and smashed in two! He was a bit less smiley after that. Ho hum!

But now we have four or five growing beds and two ‘wood bark’  paths and I planted my first crop; two kinds of garlic!

The birthday bit was meeting up with some of the family for an evening at ‘The Greys’ to see The Brighton Morris Men. Alan and Paul are thinking of branching out from Blue grass to Morrisy men tunes!!

I rashly put my name down for a five minute comedy set in aid if charity in a few weeks time.  Will try and be dead funny again by then. x

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