‘On the fiddle’ – in this months Writing Mag.

I opened this months Writing Magazine, to find that Doris Corti had not only used one of my poems from my book,  in her article about ‘How to paint a picture poem’, but had given it a really good write up!

Reading the article and indeed the magazine, was enough to cheer any poet up on this dark and dismal rainy day.

On The Fiddle

 Playing the fiddle

he walks the tightrope

srung between two lamp posts

 With over painted mouth

and yellow hair

and dancing attendance

his bow catches

an uncertain sound

drowned by the man

with the band

playing the

blue tuba

outside the Pavilion.

 He tempts and teases

Smiles down at passers by

 Later he waits for the bus

Catches his reflection

in a window

a painted smile and

black crossed eyes

stare back.

 In his tiny attic room

the show is over

his image melts in the mirror

with Crows Cemine

and Klennex Tissues

 Time for a beer and to disappear.


I spent Monday trying to write some more poems for a second collection! But what with the new allotment, a blog and one of my son’s, and a daughter-in- law, opting for career changes it has been a busy few weeks.  Excuses, excuses.

Just to add to the confusion, after weeks without doing any stand up comedy gigs at all, I had almost forgotten I had offered to do ‘Punters Revenge’ at The Greys.

So instead of doing my homework for the new poetry course I am on. I spent Monday morning  jumping up and down in aqua at the gym, trying to remember my set (a set means your comedy routine) Luckily for me by the time it got to 8 pm I was back on track and frankly no one notices if you miss a bit anyway!

Some of the acts had never been on a stage before and everyone was great. We had music duo’s, singers, comedy and lots of nonsense.

The tickets sold out so quickly some of my friends couldn’t get in, but then I can annoy them any old time. (might put a weeny bit on youtube soon)

At the end of the night, with ticket sales, a barrel of beer sponsored by Harvey’s and a raffle.  £700 was raised for The Martlets which I think made all of our efforts worthwhile.

I love the Greys, Chris the publican is such a lovely easy going kind of guy (well in public) and he and his  wife just brought so much warmth and humour to the whole proceedings.

Pics will follow in a day or two…fellow thespians.

      more to come.

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