From Carol Ann Duffy to broad beans!

Went up to see Carol Ann Duffy reading from her new book  ‘Bees’  at the Southbank, she loves the hum of domestic of life and I am sure if she had time she would love having an allotment.

But now a ‘fanfare’ for the end of our shed saga! Our secondhand shed had been lugged from one side of the allotment to the other and with grandchildren prepared to abandon computer games for a couple of hours, it is up and running.  So now we have forks and spades, chairs, coffee and stuff  stored away. A sort of home from home.


The lovely Kay Sexton was on form today at her workshop. Today it was all about crop rotation and the best way to plant broad beans. The soil info. was useful but the bean planting bit was a bit late for us. We have a tendency to go for what my old mother called a ‘wish and a promise’. Seems to have worked because they have been in for two or three weeks now and look what a happy sight!


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