No poetry today – potting sheds, winter veg and adopting a Dormouse!

I was on Radio Sussex with Joe Talbot’s ‘Dig It’ programme  today asking about moving my asparagus from the garden to  the allotment. They are brilliant at answering questions and today there was a piece about adopting a dormouse from Surrey Wildlife too. Who could resist? Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and dormouse in the Mad Hatter’s teapot.

Yesterday we finished marking out the beds. Three with black plastic on them to keep weeds suppressed all winter,  a fouth planted with mustard seeds as winter fertiliser, although an old hand said he tried it last year and got nothing!   Two other new beds planted with garlic and onions are all growing happily already.

Having a new allotment is like ‘having a bad back’  one tends to go on about it. So now I am in full flow, will mention we shoved the last of the broad beans in too.


Our newly acquired shed leaked round the base, so Alan got busy with flash band. O.K ‘done and dusted’ as my old granny used to say.

So now Alan will back playing his music on his banjo and and I’ll be juggling wise words for my poetry again tomorrow.

My youngest grandson is 15 and one of my daughters in law is 50 today!  Wow! How time flies when you are enjoying yourself!

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