The Salt Sea Winds – balances out a day of torrential gales

   The Salt Sea Winds  

Where salt sea winds make their eerie sounds

and grey-green waves come crashing to the shore

and water washed pebbles tumble from obscurity

into an ever changing collage of muted colour

High on the shore, a beached starfish lies rigid in the sun,

greedy seagulls eat oysters, leaving empty shells abandoned.

Bobbly brown seaweed mingles with ribbons of green.

Chalky cuttlefish lie beside a shiny skate egg husk.

One pebble, grey and white – with a gleam of light

shining through its centre, a shape, strangely soothing.

Rolled over in the palm of my hand its hard cold surface

seems like a symbol of something mystic, other worldly.

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