The contents of my handbag and Blu-tak

I suddenly realised I hadn’t put my wise words about the contents of my handbag called  ‘Blu-tak’  on my blog.  Apologies to anyone who has popped into the cafe and read this one already.

The contents of my handbag

A sticky blog of blu tak, felt pen, a mobile phone

The car keys and the house keys, a lucky opal stone.

A hairbrush, and a mirror with a smiling Cheshire cat.


A diary full to bursting with bits of this and that.

Interleaved between pages are lots of post it notes.

The postcards I forgot to send, the lastest poem I wrote.


A photograph of Joshie I think he may be four

he’s playing by the beach hut. I’m sitting by the door.

Elastic bands of  loyalty cards, I try to play the game,

but can never find the right one, which really is a shame.


Oh! and black bikini bottoms to leap topless in the waves,

It’s having everything at hand, and all the time it saves.

The bus pass and the tickets for courses and for shows

Wow! There’s coins between the lining, so this is where it goes!


They say the contents of your handbag. reveals the person that you are

If this is so, I’ve lost the plot and won’t get very far!

When I got my copy of ‘Rottingdean Village News’ I saw that my poem  ‘Snow’ was  included in an update about the poetry cafe workshop. Thanks to Stephanie Sheppard, who works really hard to edit this lovely little booklet.

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