How to survive Christmas on your own – Plan ahead

People are alone for all sorts of reasons including bereavement, a loved one in hospital, a family row, end of relationship, a different religion that does not celebrate Christmas, from choice.

In NLP we  say ‘if you are stuck in life,  do something different’  I used to add  ’even if it means standing on your head!’ (The last phrase is not to be taken seriously).

Plan ahead and structure your day.

If your need for company is essential,

  • Find out if a charity needs help.
  • Is a neighbour likely to be alone, you could ask if they would like a visit.
  • Plan to go window shopping  or walk anywhere in your local environment for at least 30 minutes. You will be part of the wider community. Return home feeling virtuous.
  • Even if you are not a churchgoer consider going to a service for the company, the atmosphere, the appreciation of the building, the music.
  • Establish a local pub where you might be prepared to have a drink. Other people will be on their own remember.
  • Plan a time to ring someone that you know is alone.
  • Look in the local paper now for local events you might like to attend.
On the day have a  list ready of all the things you will enjoy doing. Here are some suggestions, sprinkled with a little fairy dust.
  • Have  something special for the bath or shower,  so you can take special pleasure in the smell, warm water, feeling refreshed.
  • Plan to wear something you like, a colour that renews the spirit.
  • Buy at least three enjoyable small meals – plan to prepare and eat them at intervals – preferably near a window.
  • Find out your favourite music ready to play during the day.
  • Get the Radio Times and decide what would be good to watch – mark with a pen in advance rather than wall to wall TV.   But if the latter option would be good for you, go for it.
  • Plan to keep warm – including a rug if older.
  • Get to the library and choose a book you have enjoyed in the past or a book you would not usually read. Realistic choices are empowering.
  • Start the spring cleaning early, clear out a cupboard and feel virtuous.
  • Fill a black bag full of things you don’t need for the charity shop.
  • Brainstorm – draw a ring in centre of paper and draw lines coming out from it like a sun, on each line put something new to try in the new year.
  • Buy some wool and needles, plan to knit a scarf in the day.
  • Spend time doing your nails.
  • Think of something you would like to learn, see if there is a free lesson on youtube.
  • Buy some gold stars and write down every single minor achievement this year.
  • Write a poem, a story, start a memoir.
  • Cook something delicious just for yourself, lay a place at the table,  enjoy eating your meal.
  • Wind down, with some music,  a night time drink.
  • Congratulate yourself for being so resourceful.
  • Happy Christmas                                                                                                                                                                 
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