Lighting a candle.

I love candles, they hold such a lot of significance for so many people. Of course initially they were the source of light for people in their homes. Later they were a symbol of faith for many with different religious beliefs. A candle unites people when supporting various causes, they are often a way of connecting with someone who has died,  as well as being used for all kinds of celebrations.

There was a single candle on the Christmas cake that one of my grandsons and his girl friend made for Christmas.

We had  tea-lights near the window to remind us of absent friends.

I once saw a notice in a church which said ‘To light a candle does not need to have any religious significance,  it is just to say you have passed this way.’  That seemed like a real invitation.

These candles were lit in Ted Hughes’ house in Lumb Bank for dinner on the last night of a fantastic Arvon writing course.

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