Even clowns have their ups and downs

This clown takes a breath outside the Notre Dame in Paris.

I Wish

(for Joshie and his teacher at primary Miss Chivers)

My dad works in the circus

And when we go to school

He shows me lots of circus tricks,

He likes to play the fool.

Miss Chivers showed him round one day,

He cartwheeled in the gym

And swung on ropes above our heads

So we all laughed at him.

Mr Potts was cleaning windows

When dad was going round,

He put a bucket on his head

Two metres from the ground.

He juggled in the classroom

With books and balls and rings

And balanced boxes on his nose

And other clever things.

Mrs Pie was in the kitchen

Dad loves to help with flour.

He made some lovely custard pies.

Which passed a pleasant hour.

Miss Chivers said “It’s time to go”

But dad was having fun

So he strung us up a tightrope,

We practised one by one.

But now we have to do our work

So dad will have to go,

Will he listen? Not my dad,

He’s swinging to and fro.


(written for Joshua and Miss Chivers from Tatsfield Primary about 10 years ago)

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