Open Arts Cafe – Haikus – new poems

A good start to the New Year with Haikus. We all brainstormed words for each season and then our feeling about each season of the year.

Two writing sessions later we all had all written two and some people nine!

For anyone that  does not know,  the Haiku originated in Japan and the oldest Haiku is 3oo years old.

Matsuo Basho.

The old pond;
A frog jumps in —
The sound of the water.

                                                           Translated by R.H. Blyth

Pond, there, still and old!
A frog has jumped from the shore.
The splash can be heard.

Translated by Eli Siegel

Notes (sorry can not seem to  change the centre format)

In different  cultures there are different rules but the general consensus seems to be a line of 5 syllables, a line of 7 syllables and a final line of 5.

A haiku usually relates to the seasons. One explanation says,  the first and second line should be different observations and the third line brings them together.

A further explanation of the form suggests we think about something we have seen or experienced and say to ourselves ‘I want to share this.’

The form is best learned by reading as many as you can and there are hundreds online.

My son Paul presented me with a hand made purse yesterday. So in the spirit of ‘I want to share this’

Hand tooled leather leaves

Threads of life on crisscrossed   planes.

A touching present.

 I went up to my eldest son’s cottage on Monday, the goats down the lane had escaped and it was an unexpectedly sunny day.

      Bronzed brass bells jingle.

Winter shimmers on white fleece.

Deep brown doleful eyes.

Still  juggling these words. Great fun trying to write them, really additive.

Note – I have warned fellow bloggers that if you post poems on a website even your own, they are considered published and cannot to entered into competitions. So I will not print the efforts of others here, However everyone has agreed to send me one or two each and they will soon be in our ‘tiniest room in the house show case in the cafe soon. 

My more traditional one from my Daisy book 

A fine white veil falls

over the face of the world

slowly freezing time.

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