A giant leap – and the dangers of cruising.

Well l can’t waste a good picture!

I could do with a bit of leaping.  All that over indulgence was great while it lasted, but I am really glad when all the decorations are back in the loft and I can get back to the gym and a bit of  normality!

But now most people we know seem to be off on a cruise or to Saga hotels in Tenerife.
The cruise travellers tell of wall to wall buffets, captains who outwit pirates, uprisings in foreign parts and even narrowly missing a tsunami!

Apparently one can also do loads of shopping on cruises, a bit like Brighton really, but whilst bobbing up and down on the waves presumably, and we are told there is plenty of entertainment and a lot of dressing up.

I am not sure if anyone actually gets off the boat, except those of a nervous disposition,  who abandon ship and fly home if something too threatening appears on the horizon. Well according to our globe trotting friends that is!

It all seems far too exhausting, so I think I’ll stick to a few trips to Dieppe and a wander through France in my campervan.  Unless I get lucky,  and can travel the world in a hot air balloon with gallons of champagne of course!

In the meantime we are popping along the coast to Eastbourne with our free bus passes! Happy Days.

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