Yoga and de-cluttering!

I have just taken up yoga, three classes to date and the slow sort, where one rolls about on a mat to low mystic music and the tutor tries not to frighten us by telling us we are about to become  ‘planks’ – a plank is a yoga position apparently.

She also keeps reminding us to ‘go slowly’ and how wonderful our bodies must be feeling. She is, of course, young and pretty, has the body of a stick insect and can flop forward with her head between her feet and her arms through her legs like a rag doll.  My thighs feel like tree trunks and I think my stomach is begging for a gastric band!

Luckily there  seems to be quite a lot of ‘cat’ which is sort of relaxed and rolled up. This is fine by me, particularly as I lost a few discs in my back several years ago, puppeteers tend to be careless with their backs!

I was feeling so energised when I got home, I de-cluttered the kitchen, so now have one set of cutlery instead of three and boxes of china for the charity shop. Feeling very virtuous!


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