Oldies can be funny? Ann’s standup at The Greys – Hanover!

Back story.

“Hey let’s put one of your gigs on youtube,” says well meaning friend.

“No, no! If everyone  sees your gig there, they won’t book you.” says a  Mrs Realistic from Romney Marshes,  who exists only in my head of course!

“And anyway how many hits do you actually get on your youtube site?” (that’s well meaning friend again).

Woman from Romney “Youtube will be fine, it’s  re-cycling your comedy efforts. Re-cycling is good, this is Brighton! What’s more do you really want to spend the rest of your retirement pandering to promoters,  some of whom hate women and think 35 is old?”


The head case again “And are you  really up for gigs in obscure places like ‘Soap on Sodbury’ (no such place) on a wet Saturday night and pedalling back home along the coast road at three in the morning?”

” Ummm…(umm being a bit more varied than Err) “But I’ve spent all that dosh on ‘how to be funny’  The course at City Lit in London followed by three whole terms with the warm and wonderful Jill Edwards in Brighton.”

Romney what’s her name –   “You had fun didn’t you?  And let’s face it the comedy business is like every thing else – it’s all about making money. Promoters are looking out for people who are young, hysterically funny, likely to fill the joint, aiming for a comedy career!”

Me – “No, no it’s all about people watching  comedy at the Apollo, giving up their day jobs,  if they are actually lucky enough to have one and all due to unrealistic expectations about fame and fortune!”

Mrs head space “Put a sock in it! That’s show business!”

(Well you get the gist, or not,  as the case may be. But if you’re really keen to try stand up give Jill a go.  Or let’s face it,  you’ll never know!)

Please click on arrow to see one of my more chaotic efforts.

And thank you,  thank you lovely people at The Greys for letting me be one of the acts at your Punters Revenge, and the punter that took the film!  The event raised a goodly sum for The Martlets.

Oh and thank you to all the promoters who have booked me since and given me a chance to try and people laugh including  ‘Charity Chuckle’ which supports worthy causes on a monthly basis at the ‘Theatre Bar’ in Manchester Street.

Note –you might like my light verse which is working towards performance poetry well maybe  see header) My Poetic Pelvic Floor, Moth Invasion and A Panic Attack

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