‘Moving on’ written at Totleigh Barton – a poem

Moving On

Luggage abandoned in the hall

And trains won’t wait for late departure.

 But here we sit

lost in the dance of life.

Mirrored in this tiny drama

and willing it never to end.

The heat of the fire

lulls us into companionable silence.

The flames leap and flare

reminding us of past passion.

Logs shift and fall

but we are motionless.

 Showers of feathery dust

And final embers fall away.

We rise reluctantly to go

and face our fond farewells.

 As if in a dream

fading into uncertain futures.


Posted  ‘Moving on’ today because it reflects my current mood and feel a bit guilty I have not put any new poems up for a bit. But I’ve just made neat file on my lap top called  – Be serious/poetry – then there are four  folders inside the file.

The first one says  – Ideas and drafts, the second one says -Big edit needed,  a third says  Edited  – the fourth one says – Complete and ready to blog or send.  Needless to say this last folder only has one poem in it! But give me time!

After visiting the Hockney exhibition ‘The Big Picture’ in London, life in Brighton is more of a little picture and not so sunny. I do all the usual routines like waking, eating, drinking and writing as well as filling the bird feeders on a barren tree and thinking about having a big clear out.  That is thinking about it rather than actually doing it of course. Must be February!

Well at least I am reading more and have started exchanging writing with one or two close contacts. We give each other constructive criticism which is good, but it is also a responsibility, the bonus is that their work has been really interesting.

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