The Iron Lady melts…doom and gloom at the cinema

I have been avoiding going to the cinema for at least a year, no wonder they sell all that popcorn or  give away chocolates, there’s got to be something to stop people committing suicide in the aisle!

But then I weakened and went to see the Iron Lady, not because I liked her policies but was curious about what they were going to make of things the miners strike and the Falklands war.  But was this a glorified documentary or  entertainment, watching a Maggie Thatcher lookalike wandering about on the edge of dementia?  I don’t care  however clever they were with  Meryl Steep’s make up, they should have waited until the real Iron Lady’s demise.

Then there are films about manic psychologists like Freud  trying out their theories on real people and I certainly won’t go to War Horse. Why not leave this story in the book or on the stage, where it was full of artistry and poignancy, for goodness sake!

We don’t need another Hollywood take of the Great War with the compulsory sunsets and a brand new dramatic musical score, even if the star is a very dear horse! Dear Michael Morpurgo why?  – You surely don’t need the money?

If  the merit of these films is supposed to teach the young a thing or too, sorry but they’re no where to be seen and I’m sure that none of these films on DVD will be on their Christmas list either.

…and what about all the people that have to go home alone to a cup of cocoa.

But I can’t knock the enterprise of Cinema Saltdean where I popped into see the Iron Lady melt.  Cheerful volunteers run the show, with the film on a big screen, chocs and an optional glass of wine in the interval. They deserved the packed house, I just hope they put on  something a bit more cheerful soon…

…and OK I’m not really a film buff at the best of times, but I’d settle on Hugh Grant playing himself in just about anything than all this doom and gloom.

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