Pighog’s new season of ‘piggy’ poets.

Tonight we have the lovely Robin Lawley hosting, whose deadpan delivery is full of wit and humour. reads his own poetry,  improvises to cover changes with mics etc and is a good time keeper.

The two poets featured are Jackie Wills and Katy Evans Bush.  Jackie billed as ‘Brighton’s own’ gave an enthusiastic reading to the packed audience.

By the way she has a brilliant blog too where she gets to the heart of the matter in terms of how she goes about writing  her poetry and what influences it.

Katy Evans Bushborn in the States – writes poetry reflecting her homeland as well as her life in London, where she has lived for many years.  Apparently she has several books to her credit and teaches at the Poetry School too.

Poets for the open mic slots managed to conquer nerves and read  their stuff with dignity and enthusiasm, offering a wide range of styles and content and each claiming their full 3 minutes of fame!

There is something special about the Pighog nights and indeed all of the events at the Redroaster Coffee House that attract a warm and welcoming audience. It is usually well attended which includes local poets, who although not performing are ready to give their support to those who are. Apprentice poets like myself, one of  John McCullough’s students attending a course at the Friends Centre and other interested parties.

Michaela Ridgway, organised the evening and Chloe, James, Meredith, Meg and Sarah  helped. There was  also a musical interval  (sorry I did not catch the name of the performer).

Do check out the Pighog website for more details of this season’s poetry nights, they take place once a month with coffee, chat, poetry, humour and enthusiasm.

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