Saltdean Lido Saved – for seagulls day out?

  Seagulls enjoy a pleasant day out at Saltdean Lido – at least someone can take advantage of the facilities while the endless arguments as to who, when and how it will be saved continue. Pity some of the children who might be using it will be grown up by the time the whole sorry mess is sorted.

I met some lovely lads last summer planning to jump the fence to get in for a swim. I was tempted to give them a bunk-up to scale the height, even at my great age.

What a charade dear Brighton, the year of the Olympics, endless emphasis on the great outdoors, efforts sought for keeping people fit and someone somewhere can’t get to grips with getting the place fully functioning as a pool.

Sorry ‘Community this and that’ and ‘Look -a- like  bands’ but none of it does it for me!

Just get the place open on a daily basis and let’s see the families with their picnics enjoy what should be a public facility. Shame, shame on you Brighton for not getting this one sorted.

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1 Response to Saltdean Lido Saved – for seagulls day out?

  1. dacj40 says:

    A real pity if it isn’t saved. I remember going in the late 60s and early 70s before we moved away.

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