The wonders of Beacon Hill


The Windmill on Beacon Hill couldn’t be more obvious from the surrounding area but it’s worth walking up the hill and getting a bit closer just to discover more of the natural world nearby.    The nature reserve notice near the Windmill lists several different species of birds and even a kestrel if you are lucky, 19 different kinds of butterfly and, of course, wild flowers.

Common Dog Violets and Cowslips in spring, Yellow Rattle and Lady’s Bedstraw (what a fantastic name) in summer and also Knapweed and Burdock among others.

This nature reserve runs alongside local allotments where someone has a lovely worn wooden carving on their plot.

There is also the view of the sea and picnic tables and chairs, something to look forward to as soon as the sun shines.

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  1. I’ve seen this from the car and bus windows but it’s lovely to know more about it and the wildlife.

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