‘Many a good tune is played on an old fiddle’

My partner has just told me he is selling his fairly new violin and buying an old fiddle because it will have a better tone! I know nothing about musical instruments, but ageing wood, music loving owner,  surely that kind of fiddle knows its way around,  has its own history, it’s worn in,  it must play a good tune.

My daughter in law lent him her violin in the early days, that was old and had character too. I did try and tell him!  Men!

Oh and for aspiring artists – it’s  important to love what you are trying to paint,  to make lots of little sketches of various parts of the whole, be it trees, seas or violins.  I did several  sketches of bits of this violin before before I tackled the whole thing (it’s quite an old  painting and oil on paper).

I nearly married a violinist. I was 20 he was called Philip and his folks lived in Weston Super Mare. He played in the pit orchestra at Chatham Empire at night and studied by day at the Royal Academy of Music. I often wonder what happened to him!  I did say this blog was partly about life going full circle. Happy Days!

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