Nonsense, newts, stand up comedy and no open mic!

Popped over to the allotment yesterday morning  to discover a huge newt eating all my tadpoles! I had to rescue some in a bucket, then I  met a new allotment holder  who begged for some frog spawn! So two oldies were crouched over a pond with their jam jars!

I watched a programme about Sue Townsend talking about her life, disabilities and her new book. What a spirited woman and writer she is.  Apparently her new novel is about a woman staying in bed for a year. What a brilliant idea!

I once spent weeks or it may have been months in bed after a serious injury, but I remember that writing and even painting in bed, became second nature.

The idea of staying in bed for a year has certain appeal, although I’d want to keep my sea view and have Alan popping up and down with neat snacks. He says “No chance!”

I used to know London like the back of my hand, but yesterday I got lost. (discalculous people can have problems with their senses of direction) I was going up to Lumen poets, a series of readings near Tavistock Square featuring three poets, one of which was Mimi Khalvarti.  I love her work it is always so perceptive and beautifully written.

After the ‘real poets’ there was to be an open mic for ‘pretend poets’ like me. I got my name down, but then the organiser told us she had decided to put all the names in a hat instead of the usual first come first served.

Whoops, my name was not drawn from the hat, the event ran over time, I had to creep out and I missed the raffle!  Luckily Mimi was worth the effort.

Left Brighton at 4.30 got home at midnight!

This morning I’m knackered, it’s all this ‘spirit willing flesh is weak’ business and I’ve gone and got myself a comedy gig tonight! Whew…slow down Ann

What was that about staying in bed for a year, Sue?

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