Hose pipe bans, granny tax so best ‘Give them bread and circuses’?

‘Give them bread and circuses’ is a quote from Roman times, My mother loved using that expression, especially when she thought the ‘powers that be’ had their heads in the clouds, although as puppeteers we were often called upon to put on one of the circuses!

Thank goodness that there is bread and plenty of circuses in dear old Brighton! Not only bread,  but croissants and coffee by the acre and soon the festival and later, if you are keen on sport, the Olympic ‘circus’ to look forward to.

I’ve just scanned the budget, phew…lucky I am not wanting for bread at the moment and with an allotment there will be plenty of veg. However according to Southern Water yesterday, despite being over 65, I will still have to cart cans of water from a stand pipe to my plot.  They said they had concessions last time but now presumably because we are a year or so older we are fitter and don’t need them? Well you explain it.

This picy is of my bean tent, my autumn planted broad beans have just about survived the frosts but a drought?

Lettuces, runner beans and other thirsty crops may be out of the question if the water shortage continues, but at least my garlic and onions are thriving.  OK my breath will be awful but in bread and circus land you can’t have everything!

All this legislation from ‘on high’ is very worrying, we oldies tend to worry a lot,                             particularly as our bodies gradually grind to a halt. It is already a disaster that if our health falls by the wayside someone on high (they are always on high) will  insist we sell up and swop everything we own for  a faded orange moquette winged armchair and wall to wall  TV in a care home! It’s not a happy thought!

Granny tax is a real disgrace,  so many things seem our of our control. We worry too about what will happen if next time round they decide to restrict or cancel our bus passes.

So if it’s sunny tomorrow get out there Brighton and sit on the beach before they introduce a beach tax, or pop along to your allotment if you have one, before they dream up a ‘grow your own tax.’

The rich will always be rich and politicians will never have to worry their heads about fuel charges, education costs or care home fees. It’s just the way it is, but those in high places should perhaps note that even a worm can turn!

So fellow grannies, I’d cash in everything you own, if indeed you are lucky enough to have anything left to sell and spend the lot! Get out there, dine, wine, drink to excess, make a noise, be a nuisance let them know us oldies won’t lay down and we aren’t dead yet! After all ‘if you laugh the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.’

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