Roy Hutchins and poetic inspirations

I went to a fantastic workshop in the Library recently. Roy Hutchins had promised that writing poetry was easy. We were not only going to write poetry but learn how to perform it and all in one afternoon.

The workshops are funded to attract a wide range of people, particularly young people who are not in further education but also over 65s in various different circumstances. I think it is great that over 65s are encouraged to learn new skills and to become part of a creative community in Brighton.

Roy has an amiable quality but is such a professional that he soon convinces everyone in the room that they will be successful.

Eight people of different ages and from different walks of life soon feel comfortable enough to share ideas and later work in pairs to start the process of writing poetry in the haiku tradition.

Roy gives us guidelines so we can coach each other to perform our pieces. Simple but effective.

The final part is the microphone practice and accepting applause.  This is followed by our 3 minutes of fame while Roy films us all for posterity, well the website that is. We will have a chance to see our piece before we decide if we want to have it on the public site.

This workshop was full of energy, acceptance and kindness. I found it therapeutic as well as creative.

Roy is performing at the Greys – Darwin’s Nose by Heathcote Williams at The Greys on Monday May 7th  This show premiered last year under the name Zanzibar Cats – and then went on to Edinburgh, where Heathcote won a coveted Archangel Award.

Roy Hutchins is Artistic Director of Brainfruit – which promotes the spoken word. There is a spoken word event on regular basis at The Caxton Arms – for people who have experienced a workshop and are members of iOpen Event.

After the course I emailed Roy to say how much I had enjoyed the workshop it was great to be in a nurturing creative environment especially as I had experienced three bereavements in quick succession in recent weeks.

He sent me a fantastic poem called ‘An Angel You Know’   Heathcote Williams and Martin Wilkinson. It is a great poem. I wonder if all this was why I have felt so energised in the last few days…it was all food for the soul.

I will definitely be at The Greys.

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