Two ways of having a posh London tea for a fraction of the cost.

Never mind The Savoy at £90, or The Ritz at £84 instead here are two alternatives.

Green Park Special

Go downstairs in Fortnums to the grocery department where you can buy a box of two scones with the jam and cream for £4.50 – from the cabinet just opposite the till.

Nip along to Prets opposite Green Park and get two take away teas, pick up a plastic knife (they won’t mind) – you have to stir your tea with something!

Wander over to Green Park sit on bench with friend – enjoy!

Or you could take a wee freezer bag with a quarter bottle of bubbly from Marks and two plastic glasses from the £1 shop – for the upmarket posh version.

The Alternative Brighton Belle experience. 

If you live in Brighton as I do, get the tea from Cafe Nero on Victoria Station and scones as above and create a ‘Brighton Belle’ experience for a fraction of the cost! Best to travel outside the rush hour  – up on the 10.19 and back on the 4.06. ‘That will do nicely.’

Poor persons posh tea

Cook your own scones, spread lavishly with butter, make a nice cuppa.

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