Mr Punch’s Wedding – a film for his anniversary year.

This year is Mr Punch’s 350th birthday, so many celebrations including  ‘The Big Grin’ in Covent Garden.

Preparation. Booth,  Judy doll, thread, two controls, scissors, enthusiasm.

Dialogue (prior to the event – not that of Mr Punch who was nowhere to be seen).

Alan (my partner yelling ) “What are you doing in the loft?”

Me  (yelling back) “Trying to find a bit of lace for Judy’s wedding veil.”

Back story 

Ten years ago I had bought a little comedy booth from a fellow puppeteer called John Dudley, it was a fun item and I think John was just having a clear out.  I was really intrigued because he had bought it from the late Eric Bramall, a well respected puppeteer.  The Judy character in the film was a doll that I bought on ebay.

This is the nature of creativity- ideas evolve and connect in one’s mind and suddenly one feels compelled to run with them.


The day of the shoot (technical word for filming) Alan was playing his fiddle and the real Punch and Judy Professor in the family, my youngest son Paul, had come over to play duets, so I knew I couldn’t disturb them.

So it was Punch and Judy celebrating their ill fated wedding in the garden. The only witness to the proceedings me and my camera. No wonder Punch was not impressed!

Comedy… a bit like life, a lottery!   Did the film make you laugh?

 Pauls’s Punch  Judy from Ebay being made into a marionette

 her posh wedding veil  and finally in all her glory!

Check out our extensive marionette and puppet history from 1946 to the present day on  on click on the link to Puppet Mayhem for recent activites.

                 More of making Judy.

Ann’s later post on Punch and his little known history – link below

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