Piggy poets at it again at the Roaster last night.

Hugh Dunkerley writes ecological poetry which is well observed and often  scathing. Tonight he was well on form with poems about DNA the world and everything. In his second session he changed his tone and included a  wonderful three part poem about the birth of his son. All of which had the complete attention of a full house at the Roaster last night.

In contrast Gary Goodman, with long unkempt hair (I’m a sucker for the bad boy poet look, I think it might be an age thing)  is an artist as well as a poet and rattles off well crafted social comment with the energy and humour.  The subtlety was not wasted on the attentive Pig Hog audience. The undertones in his work reminded me of Bernard Shaw who once said you can teach the British anything as long as you make them laugh, or words to that effect.

Droll compering by the resident comedic host, musical interlude (must check out this guys name – sorry about that)  five open mic poets (the sixth on  the list missed out due to other  open mic poets running over their allotted 3 minutes) and the final flourish was  a four woman a cappella cabaret act which made for an unforgettable evening.

Don’t miss their fringe nights and more of the wonderful Thursday specials.

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