A poem for May

 The Maypole in Covent Garden

We  had a lovely ‘Pop in and write a poem’  session at The Open Art Cafe this month. The session included warm ups – words rhyming and word associations. Sharing May Day memories such as dancing round a Maypole in Peckham as child, crowning the May Queen in Hayes, fears about bringing Hawthorne into the house (she does not like housework) and recipes. Poems will be displayed in smallest room very soon.

The following is one of mine from the session. I can’t post the poems of others as they may want to send them into competition and one on this blog are considered to have been-published.

Picture of a  child crowned in Covent Garden.

The May Fair 

Fiddles play

to welcome May

flowery threads

on eager heads

white dresses float

like  a sea of hope

satin slippers leap

on happy feet.

ribbons weave

their way

around the Maypole

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