Cookie and Quickie make Blackcurrant Leaf Creams


Well I’m not a cookie person but Cookie and Quicky insisted on rustling up Blackcurrant Leaf Cream pud! They got the recipe from a bear wandering around the Big Forest – see their website link below. I don’t believe them but that was the story.

They got quite excited because we like summer pudding so had a couple of blackcurrant bushes although there wasn’t much cooking really, just a lot of boiling and whisking. Quickie couldn’t resist stirring, when the recipe said no stirring!  Cookie thought a gill was a pint not 1/4 of a pint of cream,  so sloshed in far too much!

They tried to rescue the situation by putting the bowl into the freezer for an hour, then they poured it into a dozen little cups that had been set aside for the charity shop, but as charity begins at home,  they will now feature at every party!

Recipe from Farmhouse Fayre on the Big Forest site

Blackcurrant leaf cream – leaves are most delicately scented in the spring and then is the time to use them for flavouring sweets and all kinds of puddings.

Boil 1lb. of white sugar with 1/2 pint water and a cupful of young blackcurrant leaves.

Boil without stirring, for 15 minutes; then strain and pour the hot syrup very gently on to 2 beaten egg whites. Beat all the time, till the mixture begins to thicken; then stir in the juice of a lemon and a gill of whipped cream.

Serve in individual glasses, it is the most delicious sweet. Mrs. R Johnstone, Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

Alan’s cake and the very very creamy puds at the party – everyone thought they tasted great – well done cooks and bears and things.


The recipe came from ancient cook book, there is a lot more about bears, cookery etc on their site

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