An award for my blog!

Gosh we have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the for the blog that brightens their day.

Wow, an honour indeed because their blog is brilliant, full of happy making articles and unusual takes on what might seem ordinary things, like postcards and old recipe books, journeys and of course plenty of bears.

Thank you speech from the kitchen stool podium follows! 

“Dear,  dear, loyal fans, thank you so much for nominating me for this wonderful award.  I have been waiting for the chauffeur driven Limo, for the trip up to London, but as no one arrived and my mascara is running, I just want to say how honored I am… sniff sniff ..and want to thank ….absolutely no one!

After all who is actually pulling the strings round here? Who slaves over a hot laptop all night. Don’t answer that! And no thanks to my agent who slipped off to manage Lady Ga Ga.

I would however like to thank my camera man who is a real little darling, brings a smile to my cheeks and always has a mint imperial at the ready. I think he’s gay, but never mind, it matters not to a girl of certain age!

So I raise my tear stained hanky, sniff, sniff to loyal fans sob sob sob….thank you, thank you.

Oh and I hate to be tedious but any donations however large and obviously not less than a £50 note, gratefully received. A girl like me has certain standards to keep up!

So thank you,  thank you,  darling bloggy followers”. 

Rosie Posie – performance poet (also known as Ann Perrin).

Now I according to the rules,  I think! I recommend five blogs that brighten my day (well Ann’s day) in no special order they are: Young, Spanish, does brilliant illustrations, cartoons etc  he says he says ‘I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies’.  Beat that! This guy is a genius and should go far! this is because it so well designed, brings back memories of the moors, makes me want to jump in my campervan and go to places.

I love this ‘writing to no one, like sending out a message in a bottle (anyone out there?)’ brilliant artist and altogether a joy.

This site is a real inspiration, with super duper recipes, beautiful photos and little anecdotes here and there.  Cooking is not my choice of activity but these lovely people have nearly persuaded me to get into the kitchen! This blog is full of innovative photographs and articles about them. Andy is brilliant at unusual angles, creative and often quirky. Love it!

And last but not least this one, recently added to my list but now compulsive.

This is a carefully crafted site, with interesting articles that are often challenging, paintings, skteches, photographs and recipes.(funny how food seems to be on my mind so much) but the scallops recently looked so wonderful I am afraid I nipped off to have some at the Regency Restaurant opposite the West Pier!

O.K sorry about that Mrs Salt or is it Mrs Jar, but I have now found a good fish supplier in Newhaven on the same industrial estate as Travis Perkins, so I’ll be out there soon and their scallops,  with the lovely Jar of Salt recipe with lemon,  will be on the menu.

The site is true genius!

…not forgetting my loyal fans the bears! Bear Forest.

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4 Responses to An award for my blog!

  1. wendy Hughes says:

    Well done Ann! A great honour indeed! See you tomorrow.

  2. Witchmountain says:

    Thanks Ann, and thanks to the Bears too. I really appreciate your kind ( and flattering) comments! Lots of love from the North York Moors xxx

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you Ann, for thinking of my blog and your kind words. I am so happy to know that I brighten your day. And who knows…I may tempt you yet with one of my recipes. I develop recipes that I think anyone can prepare with success.

  4. Jar Of Salt says:

    So generous of you, Ann 🙂 Thank you so much. This definitely brought a smile to my day! Ohh, did you find fresh scallops? My mouth is already watering just thinking about it. You’re so lucky!

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