Mr Punch off to Covent Garden for his 350th anniversary.

Oh how Mr Punch loves the Brighton to London train, so many sights to see!

At last Victoria, “Wakey wakey Judy”.

“You promised me a taxi Mr Punch,  they don’t make taxis this long,  its an underground train Mr Punch. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes!”

“Well here we are at last, lots of our friends and relations, now don’t get lost Mr Punch”.

“Ooooh No,  I won’t get lost Judy, you just wait here!”


“Mr Punch, you just come back here”.  “Sorry Judy I’m berry berry busy”.

  “Oh no you’re not”.   “Oh yes I am”.

“At last Mr Punch, where it all started!”  “And Mr Pepy’s is still around”.

  “Who is that Mr Punch?”   “Oh dear Oh dear

Judy, all my very old friends have come along for the party, that’s dear old Glyn Edwards from Worthing, Major Mustard, look at that…my dear old mate all the way from Japan.”

   ” Oooh  another old mate, David Leech with his new Pelham Puppet Punch,    


Ray D’Silva and Michael Dixon the Puppet Guild Archivist”.    

  “Will there be enough cake for all these famous people Mr Punch?” 

“As long as that greedy croc keeps out of the way.  Whoops” I spoke too soon”.

“It’s alright Mr Punch”. says Professor Paul Perrin, He’s not hungry, he’s just eaten 350 sausages”.

“Thats the way to do it!” says Mr Punch happily.

              This post features some of Mr Punch’s 350th birthday celebrations at Covent Garden May 2012. Professor Paul Perrin’s Punch is Brighton

Ann’s epic film of the whole event will follow in a few days.

You might be interested in our own magical marionette family history site

P.S Just added link to one of the epic films

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