Shedman shares his poetry.

A sad and sorry shed on the Weald allotment last week!

This week we walked through the salubrious setting of the Bali Brassie and there we were in Shedman’s shed!  Well to be truthful there wasn’t a shed this time round, but to all intents and purposes with an assortment of treasured items,  such as two gnomes depicting the Royal wedding,  a an object with some religious significance, a garden shed jigsaw, paint brushes, boxes of this and that, books and a  tortoise, John Davies had created one.

We, the audience, were then enticed into the quirky world of sheds. I know a lot about sheds, the first thing I had put up in my garden in London was a shed and it was the same when we moved down here. I convince myself I am going to make films with my marionettes or paint pictures in my sheds, but in reality they are giant dream catchers.

All this would come as no surprise to John Davies, apparently everyone has a shed story. He has been engrossed in sheds (well other people’s sheds) for ten years. Lucky devil, wandering the byways of Britain and sharing the lives and pre-occupations of others through the contents of their sheds!

However, he also sets up a sheds in strategic places and people come and talk to him! The result of all this effort is an interactive experience where the audience is drawn into John’s sheddy world, where he then shares his many poems about those who have entered the tongued and grooved havens of magic  and mystery – sheds!

Apparently it all started in the Booth Museum ten years ago. As a  newcomer to Brighton the story of this ‘gigantic shed’ with stuffed animals and birds was fascinating.  

Then there was the story about the vicar with several sheds and some more of John’s poetry.

John’s show was like watching an art installation in the making , but woven into the event were ideas to encourage us to write a sheddy poem of our very own! Some of these we shared with each other at the end.

If you missed it this time round, there is John’s book ‘The Nutter in the Shrubbery’ and no doubt there will be many other chances to catch up with him in the future, if you are prepared to climb over a few boxes.

This event was part of Pighog’s contribution to  Brighton Festival.  John Davies is the man who masterminds Pighog Press. He is a publisher intent on seeking out unpublished poets of talent and  getting their work in the public eye.

Pighog run poetry events at the Red Roaster once a month all through the year, check out their website for the latest information.

As John says we all have a sheddy tale or two….this is one of mine!

…….our secondhand shed proved to be a bit more than we bargained for. We had to move it from one side of the allotment to our site, on the other. I tried to tell Alan that there are better uses for holiday trollies. Holidays for instance?

…..more of this sheddy story is available by pressing on the link below!

…and another shed tale, this time on youtube and made on the spur of the moment in the snow 2 years ago!

What more can anyone wish for but a lovely warm wooden shed!

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