Evolution Arts – Brighton, with two brilliant workshops, tea and cake!

Evolution is a brilliant centre, they always attract such friendly tutors and today was no exception. Not only that, but at these special workshops they are also offering tea and cake. That has to be a winner!

I book myself into – Stop Motion Animation with Martin Smith and  Upcycled Flower Corsages with Tara Dakini.


I’ve always wanted to try Stop Motion Animation and here was Martin with an easy-peasy way of trying it all out. There were two set ups,  one with a video camera on a tripod attached to a laptop, and another, more sophisticated one,  with a camera on a tripod  attached to a second laptop.

After a quick demonstration we were divided into two groups and soon had stop action and a simple animation in the can! (‘in the can’ is old fashioned film speak, for we’ve cracked it).

I usually find this kind of thing far too technical, but Martin has the ability to make it all so easy!  Some of us were content with the basics,  but other students were soon in full swing with more complicated scenarios. By the end of the afternoon we were showing each other our stop action animations!

Good fun, value for money and something I would want to pursue.


Noticed lots more film making courses in the Evolution brochure

Upcycled Flower Corsages.

Well,  I had been up half the night last week editing my own ‘Big Grin’  film for youtube, it was Mr Punch’s 350th birthday and celebrated in Covent Garden so timing was of the essence. If you are not on youtube quickly after the event may as well f9rget it. Anyway, here was a chance to relax and do something calming as well as creative!

Tara Dakini had it all sorted, beautifully organised, with paper patterns for everyone, needles, materials and plenty of expertise.  In minutes we were choosing fabrics, fastening them on to our pattern, tacking thread around the shape and learning how to fold it all into a flower. Once one had the basics there was no stopping us. It all came down to the choice of material and conquering the folding.  In two and a half hours we all had a corsage to take home and in some cases two.

It was easy to see that a follow up course would be well attended. We could learn to make the more complicated flowers and even fascinators.   These corsages would make great presents and I can also see keen mothers of brides booking into Evolution to make some upmarket head gear for their daughter’s bridesmaids!

The bonus was that lovely people attended this course, there was a little gentle humour and tea and cake for goodness sake! What more could you want?

I went home very happy on both days with new skills at my finger tips.  Brilliant!


Tara is going to do a soft toy course soon so worth checking out the Evolution Brochure.

I saw a great art display on the way up to the course the felt work in particular.  I am very tempted to try a short course in felt making here. Next week it will be Flash Fiction. I know this tutor,  Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, so this one too is sure to be good. Not only that but Wendy is doing a ‘Photography on location’ course starting on a Wednesday afternoon very soon… email  info@evolutionarts.org.uk.  if you are up for that…or check their website for details.

Oh and top marks for the tea and cakes Evolution Arts.

Recent additional post, with more on Evolution ‘Don’t let the Autumn get you down’

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