Living in the moment…

Have been so busy busy rushing about dipping into this and that in the Festival, nearly missed all the new flowers blooming in my own back yard!

Wow, could have been a disaster!




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2 Responses to Living in the moment…

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Our problem is rushing around everywhere and not weeding. We came back from the selling event this weekend to find our 80 year old neighbour weeding our front garden (quite happily he is a great bloke) having cut our grass. Now feeling guilty and need to get out there and tidy up. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather…

  2. annperrin says:

    Yes sun at last… we see a little old lady bent double clearing bits of rubbish under the bushes, outside her house, she could be a 100 for we all know, we smile every time we see being so industrious…reminds me of my mother….oh and .the hose pipe ban is a big drag for us oldies. x

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