Little things mean a lot.


Strange how for some people small places have a special charm. Like my sheds, I couldn’t live without them, one in the garden, one on the allotment. I used to travel a lot in Variety when I was younger, a different theatre every week.  We all seemed to make our dressing room our ‘home’ put photographs and even ornaments in front of the make up mirror.

If we did a summer season, we often gave each other a tiny momento at the end of the season. It was the time of ‘whimsies’ little china animals so I received several of these. I once went to Janette Scott’s 21st birthday party (the late Thora Hird’s daughter) and we were given tiny china dutch clogs, so off they went on tour too.

I had never met Thora Hird but wrote to her once asking about the party. She was on the phone to me next day cheerful and chatty as a cricket.

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