RA Summer Exhibition tiny taster!

I love the Royal Academy as loyal blog followers will know and being is a friend is my favourite indulgence. This year the exhibition is particularly wonderful and there is plenty of small sculptures, too, which are a delight.

I’d be wary of looking out for the pieces that make one think ‘Why on earth did they give that wall space!’ because it can distract from all the interesting work on either side. We buy the price list and guess how much the pieces we like or even detest cost, simple pleasures! The RA boasts having more affordable prints this year and that’s true, one woodblock a bit bigger than a credit card cost a mere £15 but bear in mind this would be unframed.

The whole point of being a friend is that one can take another person  and go as many times as one wants to.  So much to see and enjoy I shall be heading there again this summer.





I am not too sure about the empty plinth or the musically orientated film show in the Western Room, surely they know by now we all prefer it to be overcrowded, that’s half of the fun!

Dear Tracy Emin was on form claiming to be UPSET

goodness knows why,  her prints were selling like hot cakes.

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