Our marionettes in preparation for the Coronation 1952

The Jubilee celebrations made me think of this picture. This display was prepared for the windows of our house in Dartmouth Park Hill in North London for the coronation in 1952. My parents went of to perform at many of our stately homes. occupied at the time by their owners, not the National Trust. They also entertained The Queen at Buckingham a few years later at a family party. They put on elaborate marionette musicals for thousands of members of the public during summer seasons in holiday resorts. Many, many children in London saw their shows which were part of London’s road safety campaigns at the time.

The highlight of their career in the puppetry world, and mine, was to make and perform with the marionettes that were part of the feature film ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ on Brighton’s West Pier in the 60s.


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