Holiday poems at the Open Art Cafe Rottingdean

I think we all had a good time at ‘pop in and write a poem’ today writing, sharing, drinking coffee and occasionally indulging in one of the cafe’s yummy cakes!

I love running this workshop because it is great when our creativity flows. Today we used holidays as the spur to write poems about our impressions, dreams and/or romances while visiting places such as  The Isle of Wight, Greece, the South of France, Cortona and the Gower.  New poems also emerged about memories of childhood holidays, places, sights and sounds. Why not give the theme a go yourself?

A big thank you to all the cheerful staff who have made us welcome over the last year or so, but particularly to Aimee who owns the cafe and gives us space to display our poems in the  smallest room in the house! Don’t forget to read them if you are in Rottindean some time soon.

The workshop meets once a month and is for aspiring and apprentice poets but good luck to those who are now feeling confident enough to enter competitions.  There will now be a summer break for the workshop and then I will be back for the autumn.


Plenty of other Open Art Cafe entries – please see categories.

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