That Mars man again with his Celtic Harp

Alan in full flow with a fellow student

I met Alan years ago in London when we were both into NLP,  so when I saw his name on a course at Evolution, curiosity killed the cat. So I went along and there he was as large as life and still going strong, teaching a mixture of Alexander technique and NLP to achieve greater ease and power with our voices.

Alan has a very laid back way of teaching that draws his students in with simple singing rounds followed by  vocal and breathing exercises. We found ourselves  laying on the floor for 10  to 15 minutes taking in the finer points of body awareness and time passed really quickly. Later we were working happily in pairs testing out our postural and emotional landscapes.

Alan plays the Celtic Harp so the songs we sang were accompanied by him,  in the afternoon we each had a little master class. Brilliant…’Oh the summer time is coming and the trees are sweetly blooming’ – there’s no stopping me now!

One student immediately signed up for some private singing lessons, but don’t despair if this is beyond your means, Alan is down for another course at Evolution soon.


Alan has been teaching Alexander and confidence courses in performing arts and music schools and privately since 1982

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2 Responses to That Mars man again with his Celtic Harp

  1. Ruth Oliver says:

    Hi Ann, this is just the sort of thing I like. When is Alan coming down again? Evolution is new to me and looks as if it has some interesting stuff. Am probably going to do a jazz singing workshop in November

  2. annperrin says:

    Check with Evolution, sometime in the Autumn I think but he only lives in Hove!

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