An old mechanical Pelham Puppet display!

Amazing what you find in the attic!


Just look at that – so intricate!

This is Bimbo the clown, always a favourite in Pelham Puppetland.

We used to know Bob Pelham and wrote a play for each new character that came out. We published them with Bob’s blessing in our Puppet Press workshop, (see post dismantling the printshop)

A few years ago I had a limited number reprinted,  mainly to please my mother who had written the first book. We also  made a dvd of all the plays, admittedly the ‘boy meets girl’ scenes are a bit dated, but it was the 50s.

I still sell a few on Ebay when the mood takes me, even though the dvd is the older format and not wide screen, Some people probably remember the puppets from their childhood.

I had the even scarcer second book reprinted that my mother and I wrote together, but I have not got round the editing the film. Life is just too short and now off to do a bit of planting while the sun shines!

Film lasts less than a minute!


Whoops! Forgot to say the wooden speaker has nothing to do the display  – sound is AKM copyrite free.

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2 Responses to An old mechanical Pelham Puppet display!

  1. robert avery says:

    I have one, can you please tell me what its worth?

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