The magic of a garden shed and blogging ups and downs!


The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the beach packed, so it must be summer for a minute or two. Now sun and blogging don’t really go together in my book,  despite the fact that Google tell me this is my 200th post. Amazing!

At first I wondered if I anyone would read my blog and who the readers might be! But when I check my stats I find people from all over the world have stopped by. On weeks like this one, when I have lost my keys and have had to have all the locks replaced, this is very cheering!

To take my mind off my stupidity, I set about downsizing my books and clothes and staggered off to the local charity shop!  Feeling virtuous for five minutes, I decided to tidy up my ‘art studio’ or ‘poetry work shop’ which is an 8 by 6 shed by any other name.

Umm…that oil I did yonks ago, one or two sketches I did at The Whiteways Centre,  a pastel from the local pastel group, a pen and ink from a session with Claire at Evolution which, as you know, is my favourite place to learn new skills. This art shed could come into its own!

And now that I have taken a break from running the ‘Pop in and Write Poetry’ sessions (July and August) at the Open Art Cafe,  I just hope the muse is still lurking in this dear old shed of mine.

  But in the meantime I’ll celebrate the 200th post thing, with a glass of wine (sorry I can’t share that) and invite you to a ‘Private View’ well in truth just a download of bits and bobs hanging about in my garden shed…



or  I could just ‘live for the moment’  shades of yellow and gold  are just a whisper away…


…oh no, it can’t be? Yes it is! It’s pouring again, so perhaps a bit of blogging  after all? 

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