Tidying up our starter plot for The Weald Centenary on Sunday

Today Nicky lends a hand to make the allotment neat for the Open Day on Sunday.




I don’t usually add posts about my allotment on this site, saving them for my for love of my allotment blog (link at end of this post)  but it’s a special day on the Weald on Sunday and I think we are experiencing that ‘end of term feeling’.

We have been away for two weeks so we were really pleased on our return to discover a courgette and red chard raring to go.

Overall we are very happy with our progress in the last 10 months. However we could never have done so well without Ian digging the plot over in the first place. After that we covered the whole thing with black plastic to suppress the weeds while we planned what to do.

We decided on small beds that we could easily reach over to plant and harvest crops. As soon as we had cut out six beds we put bark all around them to make paths.

After putting up the secondhand shed and re-lining the pond we  stuck to our plan of two visits a week for no more than 2 hrs each time.

What a result –  loads of broad beans,  onions drying out in the lean-to at home, a neat pile of potatoes, a few raspberries, some strawberries and, today one courgette!

Failed a bit with tomatoes and runner beans, but never mind. We dug over two beds today and covered them with some black weed suppressor sheets.

No fruit on the trees this year but it’s been a funny year!

Professor Paul Perrin (my youngest son) is doing his Punch and Judy show on Sunday and we are looking forward to that.

There is a programme on the gate and it looks like being a really good day!

Best thing about it is  lovely people, calm and supportive and all busy enjoying their plots.

link to main allotment site   http://forloveofmyallotment.wordpress.com/

By the way it was a field with a leaky pond, but I had a picture of how it could be in my mind’s eye with minimum effort!

Post Scipt – added a day later!

Whoops!  Pride comes before a fall, just had a notice from Brighton Council to say my hedge is too high…have to cut it post haste! They must have seen me coming, a field with a leaky pond, no shed and a huge hedge that needs regular attention!

Hey Ho! Ann

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